Holloway Painting

Winter weather paint

Can you paint outside in the winter?

Unfortunately, No you cannot paint outside in the winter. There are some “low-temp” paints available on the market, but those paints generally don’t account for the higher humidity, due to the cold. This paint’s ideal temperature needs to be at a minimum of around 2 degrees Celsius or higher. The exterior of your home isn’t something that can be painted all year round especially if you live in Raincouver. Exterior painting is typically quite a large job, depending on the size of your home you may want to contact a local trusted professional. Here at Holloway Painting, we take the pain out of the painting process for you. We recommend waiting until the daily average temperature is above 10 degrees celsius.

What’s the best time to paint outside?

Since we cannot paint outside in the winter. The best time ideally to paint the exterior of your home is in the spring, summer, or early fall. That being said you don’t want to paint in extreme heat either.  You need back-to-back warm dry days for optimal painting conditions. It is also important to have low humidity and moisture in the air for proper drying times and curing of the paint. Improper temperature and humidity can cause the paint to dry inadequately, be uneven, or even cause adhesion problems. Painting outside in insufficient or extreme conditions also removes warranty from the paint manufacturer. 

Tip from the pros :

  • Check the weather before painting
  • Don’t paint in the rain
  • Do not paint outside if you can see your breath