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Best paint for the interior and exterior of my home?

Choosing the best paint for the interior and exterior of your home can be a daunting task, contacting a local professional will take the pain out of painting. With so many products on market, where does one begin? Contact a BC Painting Professional for more info on choosing the best paint for your home.

The best paint for the interior of your home:

When choosing the best paint for the interior of your home, I am a big believer that the ceiling should all be as flat as possible.
Cloverdale Paint has a wonderful product called master painter with a flat sheen.
When it comes to painting woodwork, crown molding, baseboards, doors, trim and windowsills, etc.
I believe that a pearl finish or semi-gloss finish from acrylic paint is always the best.
Sherwin-Williams has a wonderful product called pro classic enamel.
This product is a self-leveler and has a rock hard durable finish.
However the walls are a completely different story, I’m a big fan of a washable flat. Sherwin-Williams has a product called Emerald, this is our go-to product for walls. It takes out all the imperfections of the wall and gives it a classy porcelain doll-finished look. If you are looking for a white-on-white colour scheme this is the best paint hands down.

best paint for my house

Recap for the best interior paint:

  • Cloverdale – Master Paint
  • Trim & Doors: Sherwin Williams – Pro classic enamel
  • Walls: Sherwin Williams – Emerald

The best paint for the exterior of your home:

When choosing the best exterior paint for your home, be prepared there are a ton of products. To narrow the selection for the best product. For example, when applying a solid stain to cedar siding, the best exterior solid stain would be Cloverdale Paint SharkSkin solid stain. This product has a 4-year warranty on a horizontal surface and a 20-year warranty on any vertical surface. It’s a stain so there’s no need to prime unless you’re using a light color and you may want to block the natural tannins as they may come through. When painting previously painted wood siding, Hardie board siding, or stucco siding, we think the best paint to use is Sherwin Williams Duration. It is available in a variety of finishes and also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. When painting exterior trims and fascia boards I like to use Cloverdale paint‘s Guardian or Sherwin Williams Duration. Both products provide wonderful coverage and has a self-leveling finish. Guardian also comes in three different finishes: flat, satin, and semigloss. Furthermore, using this product will give you the desired look you are going for and protection for years to come.

Rule of thumb from the professionals:

The higher gloss level, the more protection and ability to shed dirt under the rain. However, the more flat the gloss level, the richer it will look.