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At Holloway painting, we recognize the importance of and work diligently to ensure your project is done on time and on budget. If required, we will work weekends and extended hours to get the job done.

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Residential Interior Paint

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Residential Exterior Paint


Full Scale Strata Painting


Commercial Painting

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Hourly Painting Services

At Holloway painting no project is too big or too small, in fact we want to help you with all your painting needs and create a customer for life.

With an hourly project, customers pay for exactly what they get, with no extra costs associated with risk. This makes it a more costeffective and efficient option than a fixedprice estimate. Customers who are handson can also have the painters do as much or as little as they want, with a flexible work order and contract. 

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At Holloway Painting, we have a strong work ethic. We will even work weekends to fulfill our duty to you.

In addition to always being in good standing with WorksafeBC we also carry 5 million dollars in liability insurance, you can be sure your project is safe in our experienced hands.



1. Call us at (236) 334-5400  or complete the Form below form to set up a free consultation.

2. One of our experienced staff will visit your home at your convenience to determine the next course of action.

3. Relax as we work to ensure the necessary services are provided in a timely and professional manner.