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Latex paint vs Oil-based paint?

Makeup Matters

We are going to discuss Latex paint vs. oil-based paint. Deciding to paint any surface, whether you are putting on the first coat on a brand new home, or repainting your home to fulfill your interior design dreams. The kind of paint you use is crucial to the quality and longevity of your finished project. 

With lower amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s not only the safer option for our crews to use when painting your home. It offers us at Holloway Painting, peace of mind knowing we are putting our client’s health first. 

Nearly 20 years ago, before consumer feedback and even before the Canadian Environmental Protection Act was put in place in 1999. All paint manufacturers were using Oil-based paints in both Interior & Exterior Homes. 

Using Latex paint is almost always preferred as it’s better for the environment, in the long term will remain easy to care for, wash, and maintain. 

Whereas Oil paint oftentimes is more durable but will tend to adopt a yellow hue to the color over time.

Before you start painting, It is important to ensure you know what kind of paint and primer you need to use or what was previously used in your home is what will make, or break your painting project.

But How Do You Know The Difference?

By taking a cotton ball or rag with nail polish remover or paint thinner and rubbing the surface, you can find out if the paint is latex or oil paint. 

If the paint comes off it is Latex. If it does not, the paint is oil-based and will require an oil-based primer before painting your fresh color to design your dream space!  

Oil Paint (Mineral Soluble) 

Breathing in higher amounts of VOCs can cause eye irritations, nose and throat irritations, as well as cause difficulty breathing, and nausea.  

Long-term usage of oil paint can cause difficulty breathing, dizziness, or other health conditions including cancer. These are the adverse side effects of using oil paint on interior home decorating.

Today there is an alternative formula and new solutions being used for blending, tinting, and matching paint! 

 Latex Paint (Water Soluble) 

Latex Paint is a generic term used to classify water-based coating emulsions that are produced with synthetic acrylic binders. There are options that have either little to no long-term concerns, are durable, sustainable, and will make your home look amazing. 

You have a variety of brands, colors, and formulas to choose from! Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Sherwin Williams Emerald interior acrylic latex paint
  2. Cloverdale paint Ecologic Eco-friendly Interior paint
  3. Benjamin Moore Regal Select Waterborne interior paint

If you need help choosing the best color, formula, type, for your next project, feel free to call our office or book your appointment online to chat about how we can help you create, and complete your next project with confidence. 

At Holloway Painting, we always do our best to only choose paints with high-quality formulas, to promote longevity, and Low amounts of VOCs to continue putting our clients first. 

By limiting lingering smells and fumes, lastly and most importantly to ensure we want to minimize any potential health-related concerns, for when you complete your next interior and exterior painting project!

Furthermore to answer the question Latex paint vs Oil-based paint? The trusted professionals will choose Latex!