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Can you paint bare wood with latex paint ?

Can you paint bare wood with latex paint? The answer is No, you can not paint bare wood with latex paint. It is very important to prime the bare wood with a proper primer before painting. For raw wood like pine, redwood, or cedar it is best to use a high-quality waterborne primer or an oil-based primer to efficiently seal the wood. Contact a Local BC Painting Professional
Bare wood

To paint bare wood:

  1. Pick a primer that works best for your project. An Oil-based primer will help protect wood surfaces better than a water-based primer will.
  2. Select a natural bristle paintbrush or a polyester sleeve for the best application ( Do not use a synthetic brush it is too soft and will not provide proper coverage )

What will happen if I paint over bare wood without priming?

If you paint bare wood such as cedar siding before priming, the paint can lift or peel off because it has nothing to adhere to. This will result in disaster, the paint will chip or flake off and will not stand the test of time. There are oils and tannins in the wood that can bleed through.
It can also cause the paint to not adhere properly and won’t have the pristine finish you were hoping for. It is important to seal the oils and tannins in place, before painting, to ensure this project is a success contact a local painting professional.