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paint in concrete

How to Get Paint out of Concrete, Fast and Easy

You do not need a long explanation to understand how to get paint out of concrete. Getting paint out of
concrete can be done fast and easy with three things:

  1. Acetone
  2. Wire brush
  3. Water


Do not use cheap acetone when starting your paint removal job. You will need a good quality 100%
acetone to be able to start removing paint from your concrete driveway. The first step in the paint
removal process will be pouring a little bit of acetone over the paint.


Just like good quality acetone, you need a good quality wire brush. Specifically, the wires need to be stiff
and ridged. After good quality wires, the most important feature the wire brush needs is a good handle
that is easy to grip. You need good strong wires and an easy to hold handle because you’ll need to use a
lot of force when scrubbing the acetone covered paint. So now that you got a good brush, give the paint
a good scrubbing.


After you have scrubbed the paint, hose it off with water. Then you can repeat the process until there is
no more paint left on your concrete:

  • Put acetone on the paint
  • Scrub the area
  • Hose the area with water
  • Do this over and over until the paint is gone


When you can no longer see the paint is when you know you are done the paint removal process. Now
you can hose off the area with water to clean all the remaining debris.

There you have it:

A nice clean concrete driveway!