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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Living Room?

There are going to be three important points that determine how much it will cost to paint a living
room. The first point is usually the actual paint its self. Before thinking about the cost of painting your
living room, you should first decide on the living room paint color that is right for you:

  • What living room paint color appeals to you?
  • How will the color of the living room affect the value of your home?

When you find out what living room paint color or colors work for you is when you can start factoring in
price. Each paint color will have an individual price. After you determine the price of the paint, you
combine it with the surface area of your living room. Lastly, the quality of work will affect the total cost.


Living Room Painting Cost Summary

  1. The price of the paint
  2. Your living room surface area
  3. The quality of work


Individual paint colors all have their individual prices. However, your living room and how it will look is
very important, so you should focus on the paint color that is right for you without letting price decide
for you.

  • Tape different color swatches to your living rooms walls to get a feel for the colors and how they
    work in your living room environment.

The cost of the paint will be a small fraction when compared to the value of your home or how much a
great living room paint job can increase its value.


When you pick the right paint color for your living room, you can combine its price with the living room
surface area. The paint container label should have information on how much surface area it can cover.

  • A gallon of paint can cover approximately 350 sq ft of living room wall.
  • If your living room walls are more porous, it will require a little more paint.

Measure the inside area of your living room you want to paint and figure out how many containers it
will take to properly cover that area. Now you will know how much it costs to paint the living room.


Lastly and most importantly is the quality of work. As mentioned earlier, your home including the living
room is important. Its probably the most important thing you own. Do not cut costs when it comes to
your living room, and really all rooms. If a painting service offers painting on the cheap, a cheap look is
most likely what you’ll get for your living room. You defiantly get what you pay for. When looking for a
painting company to paint your living room, focus on who is the best painter rather then what the costs
are. You will get value back tenfold with a great living room paint job.