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Exterior House Colors, How to Pick the Right One

Other than the physical building its self, the color of the paint will be the most focused on aspect of your home. Usually, there will be three considerations you will have to make when choosing your exterior house colors:

  1. the paint color and LRV that appeals to you.
  2. the theme of the neighborhood and how your paint color fits in.
  3. how the paint color affects the value of your home.

Hopefully, you can discover a paint color you love and not have to compromise too much on getting it to fit your surrounding while providing you value. To help you out, we have 10 exterior house colors to help get you started.

1. White

White is a very traditional and basic color to paint the outside of your house. However, as basic as it is,
there are many variations on white paint colors including branded colors from paint manufactures such
as Sherwin-Williams, Cloverdale or Benjamin Moore. One important consideration for picking white as your color will be Light Reflectance Value: LRV is a metric to determine how bright a color is.
This is where you should consult a painting expert. If you go too bright, your house will be physically
hard to look at.

2. Taupe

Taupe is a darker gray and brown color. What is nice about taupe is that it’s a neutral color that can fit in many neighborhood settings. What people many say about taupe is that it is a warm and inviting color.

3. Dark Gray

Dark gray is more of a popular modern house color. This color gives elegance to a home. Dark grey goes well when pairing it with a neighborhood that has a lot of urbanity.

4. Light Gray

Light gray can be seen as a safe and basic color to choose, in the same arena as white.

5. Light Blue Gray

A blue gray color that is lighter gives a home a traditional appearance with a subtle uniqueness.

6. Green

There is a lot of common green paint colors to pick from such as sage, turquoise, and mint. Green stands out more so you want to make sure it fits your area. Dark green goes well for a rustic environment whereas turquoise has a tropical vibe.

7. Green Gray

Green gray is another one of those colors that is safe for a lot of homes but a little different.

8. Yellow

As you’ve probably seen, yellows work well and is a common color in older quaint neighborhoods.

9. Brown

This is one of those more rustic paint colors that can fit well with older neighborhoods. The benefit to
brown is its rustic appeal white not being as loud as a color like yellow.

10. Red

The spectrum of reds can go from pink to burgundy. This is one of the louder colors that really needs the right neighborhood. Pink fits in a lot of tropical settings and dark reds such as burgundy fits in more
rustic and traditional areas.