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Light Reflectance Value

Light Reflectance Value, what is it?

Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, is a rating to determine how much light is reflected off a color.
Furthermore, colors have different shades all with different LRV ratings. This light reflection rating is an
important consideration when choosing a paint color and if you pay attention, you will see the LRV
rating on paint labels and color swatches. You should consider the importance of Light Reflectance Value
when you are picking the paint color of the exterior of the house and the interior. This is such an
important aspect of your home that we highly recommended that you consult a painting expert to find
the perfect LRV.

Light Reflectance Value: Painting the Exterior

You probably have an idea of what color you want to paint the exterior of your home and this color will
obviously have an LRV rating. Consulting an expert will help you determine the right shade of this color
to give you the LRV you need. There are two big issues to think about when deciding on the LRV of the
paint color and shade:

  • The amount of heat the paint will absorb.
  • How bright your paint will make your house?

A Light Reflectance Value close to the 100% mark can make your house difficult on the eyes to look at.
On the opposite spectrum, the closer your paint’s LRV is to the 0% mark the more it will cause heat
issues due to a low LRV absorbing light bringing heat with it.

LRV: Painting the Interior

A lot of people’s considerations on painting an interior revolves around how warm and inviting they
want the room or entire interior to be. The determining rating for whether the paint will make the room
warm and inviting vs stodgy will be around the middle of the LRV rating: 45% to 55%. Lower than 45% to
55% will make the room darker and fitting for an old-word study/ office or modern sophisticated area.
An LRV rating above 45% to 55% will make the room inviting and warm.

Now you can see how important the Light Reflectance Value is and how it can greatly affect the paint
color you pick. This is why we strongly recommend consulting a painting expert to get the correct Light
Reflectance Value for your next project.