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A good quality roller frame and handle is how you paint a wall with a roller, correctly. Furthermore, you
will need an appropriate quality roller for your wall’s specific surface. An environment with a lot of
natural light will give you the best visual indication as to whether or not the paint job is coming out
correctly or not. Under good lighting, use a paint tray meant for a paint roller. Use only a little paint on
the roller at first until you figure out the correct amount of paint you’ll need on the roller. Lastly, do not
let the roller dry in between coats of paint.

How to Paint a Wall with a Roller Summary

  1. Use a quality paint roller frame.
  2. Use the correct quality painting roller
  3. Use a paint tray
  4. Paint under good lighting
  5. Start off with a little paint
  6. Do not let the paint roller dry.

The Paint Roller Frame

To paint a wall with a roller begins with a quality paint roller frame. A quality paint roller frame will not
bend easily. A stiff roller gives you a more even paint job more in line with what a professional painting
company would produce.

The Paint Roller

As with the frame, you will need a quality paint roller. A quality roller will have an inside tube that does
not bend easily. You can test this out by squeezing the roller and testing out how stiff the inner tube is.
A stiff roller gives you a more even interior paint job in the same way a stiff roller frame does.
Furthermore, the rollers outside surface needs to be appropriate for your wall’s surface. The paint roller
packaging will give you information on what surface the specific roller is intended for:

  • The outside paint roller material is called a “nap.”

Paint Roller Tray

For a proper tray, you’ll want it to be big and wide enough for the roller.


Natural light will give you the best environment to use your paint roller to paint a wall. However, if you
do not have access to a lot of natural light, some quality stand-up lights can work as well.

Painting a Wall with a Roller

Start painting the interior wall with the roller by only putting a little paint on the nap. Then gradually
add more paint to the roller when you start to figure out how much paint is needed on the roller to get
good strips of paint on the wall.

Don’t Let the Roller Dry

Do not let the roller dry, even a little. The roller can start to dry out in between coats of paint. A paint
roller that has a dry spot will give you an uneven paint job. To prevent a paint job with a dry roller, you
can do two things:

  •  Use a new roller for each new coat of paint.
  •  Put the used paint roller in a plastic bag.