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How to Clean Paint Brushes

If you want to know how to clean paint brushes you first need to know how to properly apply paint to
the brushes when painting:

  •  Always apply paint to only the tip of the brush, this will leave most of the paintbrush clean from

Furthermore, you need cleaning tools to clean paintbrushes. The tools you need will be something like a
wire brush and a wire comb. However, metal wire can damage your brush, so use plastic bristle versions
of the wire brush and comb. The washing part will require a stream of warm water. Run water on the
brush with the tip always pointed downwards as you use your two cleaning tools. Now you have nice
clean brushes. Let them fully dry and you’ll be ready for your next professional painting project.

How to Clean Paint Brushes Summary

  1. Always paint by putting paint only on the tip of the brush.
  2. Use a wire brush2.
  3.  Use a wire comb
  4.  Wash with paint bristles down

Painting with the Tip

To be able to properly clean your paintbrush, you need to be using it correctly in the first place. Using
your paintbrush the right way means applying paint to only the tip of the brush. This will leave the
majority of the paintbrush clean

Wire Brush Tool

As mentioned before, a metal wire brush can damage your paintbrush. You can avoid paintbrush
damage by using a plastic version of the wire brush. A wire brush is great for getting paint off the
outside of the brush.

Wire Comb Tool

A wire brush is great for getting paint off the outside of your paintbrush. However, a wire brush cannot
get paint off the inside of your paintbrushes. This is where a wire comb comes into play. A wire comb
will be able to do a mush better job with getting paint off the interior of your paintbrushes. As with the
wire brush, use a plastic version of the wire comb.

Washing your Paint Brushes

For washing paintbrushes, warm water works the best. Use your two tools on the paintbrushes as you
run the warm water on your paintbrushes. Keep going until you cannot see any paint on your brush. Be
careful where you drain the water. Some types of paint can damage plumbing. So, make sure you are
using the correct drain. When your paintbrushes are fully clean, let them fully dry. Now you are ready for
your next interior paint job or exterior paint job.