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How to Clean Baseboards Before Painting

How to Clean Baseboards Before Painting

If you want to paint your baseboards, you will need to know how to clean baseboards before painting
begins. To start, you can tape off the area around the baseboards. Furthermore, to do a good baseboard
cleaning job, you should use a couple of clean dry rags for wiping. For tough buildup, a heavy-duty
cleaner works best.

How to Clean Baseboards Summary

  1.  Tape off baseboards
  2.  Use a clean cloth
  3.  Use a degreaser
  4.  Use a second clean cloth

If you want to be extra carful, you can tape off the area around the baseboards before the cleaning
begins. It is recommended to not go for the cheapest painter’s tape. A cheap roll of painter’s tape will
leave residue and might create damage when you remove it after painting. Go for a good quality roll to
ensure your project comes out looking as good as possible.

Cleaning the baseboards begins with the first clean cloth. Give your baseboards a good wiping with the
cloth. You might need to use a little elbow grease is your baseboards are really dirty.

Speaking of dirty baseboards, a strong degreaser can work wonders. You can use a degreaser product to
get off any strong build-up, such as dirt and grease. An example of a product you can use is Trisodium

  •  Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is a heavy-duty cleaner. Follow the directions on the container to use
    TSP correctly.

After your degreaser has worked its magic, you can wipe off any left-over residue with your second
clean cloth. Now your baseboards should be looking spotless and ready for an amazing paint job.